Training Department

The goal of the CZYZ FIR is to provide courteous,realistic and professional ATC service to all VATSIM pilots flying in our airspace. To support that, we strive to provide a flexible and efficient training service to all of our student controllers.Our training department is led by:

Gary Feddema (CZYZ FIR Director)
Sloan Halliday (CZYZ Training Supervisor)
Rob Nabieszko (VATCAN Training Director)


Reporting to the above are the following three training teams. Each team is led by a certified instructor who is assisted by several mentors. Members of each team and the list of students assigned to each are below. Instructors can be reached for inquiries via email by clicking on their name.

Instructor: Instructor: Instructor:
Anthony Belliveau Jamyson Dore Mike Freeman
Mentors: Mentors: Mentors:

Colin Willems

Josh Gheron

Ethan Fortier

Michael Gagnon

Yinan Wang

Jesse Mitchell

Brett Zubot

Dean Roy

David Sapira


Students: Students: Students:

Bracken, Kyler

Forgione, Massimo Welsh, Wade

Burton, Evan

Grainger, Evan Temple, Dominic

Comeau, Jared

Gupta, Ayush Sutton, Jack

Conkin, Jacob

Holmes, Andrew Spencer, Mungo

Dallaire, Zack

Kanter, David Smith, Martin

Daniel, Casey

Khan, Salman Scott, Adam

Dart, Michael

Knezic, Andrej Rochon, Denis

Deans, Nikolaos

Lafrance, Maxime Richardson, Brandon

Dickerson, James

Landry, Jeremy Reid, Lex

Duesbury, Spencer

Lukus, Michael Polyakov, Maxim

Duister, Dave

Maziarz, Peter Miles, Daniel
Evans, Thomas McCurry, Paul Mckinnon, Callum

Burnett, Paul

Grant, George Shamash, Michael

Cardoso, Fernando

Heisz, Julian Selva, Sajedan
Chang, Kwangtok Kanetkar, Nehal Rogers, Jamie

Cheung, Bryan

Lambert, Daniel Powers, Jared

Debruin, Christopher

Li, Simon McGrath, Craig

Bayyari, David

Jones, Geo Sousa, John

Constantin, Thomas

Lockhart,Matthew Ross, Sean

Ferris, David

Nathwani, Sandeep Neil, Brent

French, David

Patel, Nigam Lopez, Patrick

Trumble, Mark


Instructor Responsibilities

Instructors listed above are selected by the Senior Staff and approved by the VATCAN Training Director. They have proven themselves knowledgeable in all areas of ATC and in the training documents and LOA’s of CZYZ. Instructors can provide the same services as Mentors with the additional ability to conduct OTS exams, assign written exams, and promote members.

  • Reports to the FIR Chief Instructor
  • Supervises Mentors.
  • Maintains training Log and checklist for all student controllers.
  • Compiles Mentor’s Training Activity Logs for forwarding to the FIR Chief.
  • Makes, forwards or denies recommendations for certification or promotion to the Chief Instructor.
  • Mentors, assists, and educates student controllers in air traffic control procedures and FIR training documents.

Mentor Responsibilities

Mentors listed above are selected members of the Toronto FIR that have been trained and approved for providing assistance to student controllers. The duties and responsibilities of Mentors are:

  • Report to the FIR Chief Instructor.
  • Make recommendations for Exam Authorization, Promotion or Certification of student controllers.
  • Mentor, assist, and educate student controllers in air traffic control procedures and FIR training documents.
  • Maintain all student controllers personal training log and checklist activities.