Staff Members

FIR Director

Gary Feddema – VATCAN12 contact
  • Reports to the Division Director.
  • Appoints an Acting FIR Chief as required.
  • Manages all VATCAN Members within the Flight Information Region.
  • Reports on FIR Status as required.
  • Consults with Human Resources on unresolved Personnel Issues.
  • Forwards requests for Promotion to Instructor to the Director of Training.
  • Approves or denies Transfer Requests to the Director of Human Resources.
  • Forwards requests for Airspace, Procedure Changes, etc to Director of Training.
  • Is a Member of the Management Action Group (MAG).

Training Supervisor

Sloan Holliday – VATCAN13 – contact
  • Reports to the FIR Chief and the Director of Training.
  • Appoints an Acting Chief Instructor as required.
  • Manages Instructors and Mentors.
  • Assigns Students to Instructors.
  • Certifies Students for ATC Positions within the FIR.
  • Authorizes S3 and C1 Exams .
  • Promotes and Demotes Students to/from position of Mentor.
  • Promotes Students to the levels of S2 (TWR), S3 (DEP/ARR) and C1 (CTR) .
  • Compiles Instructor Training Activity Logs for forwarding to the FIR Chief and Directors of Training and Human Resources.

Events Coordinator

David French – contact
  • Reports to the FIR Chief.
  • Identifies and develops events to generate traffic and to promote the FIR.
  • Implements and oversees approved events.
  • Coordinates with neighboring FIRs and ARTCCs to arrange support for CZYZ hosted events, and arranges CZYZ support for neighboring events.
  • Develops and distributes marketing material (graphics, news posts, forum posts, etc) to promote events to the FIR Communications Director.
  • Maintains relationships with virtual airlines, coordinates support for VA hosted events operating in the CZYZ airspace.
  • Leads and manages events division of CZYZ.

Systems Administrator

Michael Shamash – contact
  • Reports to the FIR Chief.
  • Maintains, updates, and manages the CZYZ website.
  • Maintains, updates, designs and programs new applications utilized by CZYZ
  • Manages the CZYZ assigned email accounts at the direction of the FIR Chief.
  • Technical advisor to the FIR Chief.
  • and Forum Administrator

Facility Engineer

Brent Neil – contact
  • Reports to the FIR Chief.
  • Advisor to the FIR Chief on technical aspects of VATSIM or Flight Simulator.
  • Maintains and updates CanScope files (.sct2, .ese, etc), Training Documents, LOAs, and Policies
  • Maintain the FIRs auto-ATIS entries.
  • Manages the CZYZ Engineering department.
  • Works with the VATCAN and other FIR/ARTCC to approve LOAs and Training Documents.

Director of Communications

Jared Powers – contact
  • Reports to the FIR Chief.
  • In charge of promoting FIR approved events
  • In charge of communicating major FIR changes to all members (Pilots and Controllers)
  • Maintaining social media accounts
  • Working alongside with event coordinators to modify any current FIR events
  • Working alongside with event coordinators to communicate with virtual airlines for event coordination