Become a CZYZ Controller

Are you an individual looking to join an energetic, high paced, yet still friendly controlling environment? Then you have come to the right place! While Toronto FIR is home to the busiest airport and airspace in Canada. We are also home to VATSIMs Authorized Training Organization (ATO). All together it makes up a great environment of high traffic levels, fast pace controlling, and a great ATC and pilot community full of fun!

At CZYZ we train hard in order to provide you with the best experience as an Air Traffic Controller and to ensure our pilots get the high level of Air Traffic Control they have come to expect. If you’re up for an exciting and challenging career as a virtual Air Traffic Controller, join CZYZ today!

How to become a Virtual Toronto FIR Controller!

Step one – Be a member of VATSIM

If you are currently not a member of VATSIM then you can sign up for an account at the VATSIM Registration Page. Ensure that you read all of the following pages carefully. Under the preferred region field select the North America region. Once you receive your ID and password via email, continue to step two.

Step Two – Join VATCAN (Canada Division of VATNA).

Your journey to become a Toronto Controller is almost started. You will need to first join the VATCAN region if you have not, click the following link to join:

Step Three – Join the Toronto FIR


After registering an account on VATCAN, you will have to request the CZYZ FIR. You will then be assigned to an instructor who will work with you to get your rating!

Thank you for your interest, and good luck!

~Toronto FIR Administration